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Brainworking Recursive Therapy (BWRT)® near Harrogate

Appointments in our Skipton Clinic and via Skype

BWRT® stands for BrainWorking Recursive Therapy®, a model of psychology and psychotherapy created by UK professional therapist, Terence Watts, MCGI. It's a totally confidential method that does not require you to reveal your private information or personal secrets to your therapist and it is carried out in a completely conscious state. It does not use hypnosis or any concepts that might be considered mystical or unscientific - it's completely logical, practical and down-to-earth, and for it to succeed only needs you to know what you want to change in your life. Only Certified Practitioners have been trained to deliver BWRT® and all have to adhere to a strict ethical code. Find out more at

BWRT® is not hypnosis or counselling. It is a unique way of resolving conditions such as anxiety (including Generalised Anxiety Disorder (G.A.D.)), depression, emotional problems, habits, phobias and fears, letting go of past issues, relationships, low self esteem or confidence, nerves (such as exams, presentations and driving tests), blushing ... and much more. Change can be instant and might only take one or two sessions, depending on the client and the presenting issue.

BWRT® Therapy is available for clients in the Harrogate area either via Skype, or in person at our Skipton Clinic, which is within easy distance of Harrogate by car (approx. 35 mins). Head out of Harrogate on the A61 and join the A59 into Skipton. There is plenty of parking in Skipton centre at the High Street or Coach Street car parks. Appointments take place at Craven Clinic, which is located towards the castle end of the High Street opposite Skipton Town Hall. Access to the clinic is through the archway next to Hettie's cafe.

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What is BWRT?®

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More About BWRT®

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